Genius Mixing


 Subtlemix Juice Co. I choose this name for one major purpose and this is a statement of clean, perfectly balanced free burning juice. What this means is it will not burn out your coil in three days by plugging up the wick. Every flavour has what I call the zenith point, this is the point between too much flavour, and not enough, that is what we create at Subtlemix. There is one untested ingredient in juice over a long period, this ingredient is the flavouring. The idea that juice should have 30-45% flavour is incorrect and lazy, clean burning juice requires proper flavour control, also proper flavour ingredients.

 We screen our flavour concentrate companies thoroughly regrading additives such as natural sugars and Diacetyl. At Subtlemix we are known for not only having the best tasting juice, but also the best burning juice and like with all things this comes down to balance and due diligence.