From the owner, Jason Alksne CEO

     Subtlemix is a family company out of Calgary, Alberta. I chose this name for one major purpose; that being a statement of clean, perfectly balanced, free burning juice. We maintain premium flavour quality in every bottle of juice we sell. Every flavour has what I call the “Zenith Point” this is the point between too much flavour and not enough. We create the zenith point with every flavour combo we come up with, we call this the Subtlemix Way.

As CEO and mixologist of Subtlemix I believe health and burn quality is just as important as flavour, especially with such a new and controversial product. There is one untested ingredient over a long period this ingredient is the flavouring. The idea that juice should have 35-40% flavour in my opinion is excessive and lazy. While flavour is very important, minimal flavouring I think has been widely overlooked in the industry. Subtlemix does not look to under flavour by any means. We do look to avoid over flavouring, because health and burn quality are equally as important when selling a premium product.

When we look at the life of wicks and coils burn quality and the flavouring must be considered. This comes down to not only flavour quality but also flavour concentrates with the least amount of natural and artificial sugars. Artificial sugars are in no way the same as artificial flavourings; because, the sugar will caramelize when heated causing a quick death to your wick and coil. I believe a balance between flavour and burn quality is key to a premium e-juice.

My wife Christi and I have been selling e-cigarettes for almost 6 years now, and Subtlemix has been making juice for 3 years. Juice quality is our number one concern for customer satisfaction. In our store I run what I call a “Flavour Bar”, this is where we pre steep various nicotine quantity bases. Our customers can then create any flavour they like and I add the flavouring right there in front of them. Mixing juice on such a fine level has vastly increased my abilities in flavour mixing on larger levels. Subtlemix has an FDA or Health Canada approvable lab, once that comes into play we are equipped to handle any and all scientific testing.

At Subtlemix we screen our flavour concentrate companies thoroughly regarding additives such as: natural sugars, artificial sweeteners like Splenda, and diacetyl. The flavour concentrates we use contain absolutely no diacetyl. At Subtlemix we are known for not only having the best tasting juice, but also the best burning juice this comes down to balance and due diligence.

If you have anymore questions or concerns, please email us at