The Cough and Phlegm Question

“Why do I cough up phlegm when I start vaping?” This is a question I get all the time and the question should be rephrased to, “Why do I cough up phlegm when I quit smoking?”. As a result of vaping, I find 90% of those who want to quit smoking do quit on a vaporizer. Here’s the thing, the phlegm is from the tar in cigarettes built up over a number of years of smoking. Once your body is aware of the fact that you are no longer taking tar into your lungs, it begins to clean out all that stored up tar. I for one became quite sick from this for a couple of months and then lost my voice once a year for about three years.┬áThis is the body’s natural process of extracting all the tar and side effects of smoking cigarettes. The fact that this process starts when someone starts vaping raises the question, “is this from vape?”. The Answer is no, it’s from smoking cigarettes.
The upside to this is the fact that this process starts upon quitting smoking, while the process of vaping proves that the body’s natural extraction process of the tar from smoking is not hindered by vapour whatsoever as far as your body is concerned. You have quit smoking and it is free to go ahead with its natural extraction process. This proves that vaping does not cause harmful buildups in the lungs.