The Diacetyl Question

Diacetyl is a flavouring used by some flavour manufactures and is found primarily in microwave popcorn (for more info please see click here)

 The question is, is diacetyl in my e-juice? This is something you need to know as a customer. The problem is with a lot of stores, they may not even know what diacetyl is and because they may not even make the juice they sell, they may not be able to tell you what is in it. This I would say is a problem, this is a question you need an answer too, and as a professional retailer answers they should have. Is this diesel or regular gas, “I don’t know.” really does not cut it, you need to know. Anyone making juice should be passing along this info with every sale, if they don’t I would not buy their product.
Diacetyl in the juice making industry is a short cut plain and simple, and a dangerous one. Diacetyl is not in all butter flavour, you can buy diacetyl free concentrates. Diacetyl tastes better that is why it is used. It takes a more talented  mixologist to make flavours like Mother’s Milk without it but it can be done, I did it. Our new line of Moo Juice contains no diacetyl and is a top running Mother’s Milk flavour. Subtlemix Juice Co. does not deal with flavour concentrate companies using diacetyl and we have the spec sheets for our customers to see at Vaporstorm when they come into the store.
The myth that diacetyl is in all buttery flavours is simply no true, the question is does the retailer know what they are selling you and if not why?!